Thursday, March 27, 2008

With Comments like this, who needs a blog?

Well I was reading other peoples thoughts on this Reverend Wright neo-Issue. I happened to stop by the very professional site Dispassionate Liberal. Of course, I couldn't help but post a comment, and kept improving the draft, then added links and highlighting. Then I thought it was such a good comment I should have it here. So, I'm borrowing back the comment and reposting it here:
This Rev. Wright distraction is silly and ironic. Silly because the worst it could possibly be is racist preaching. Ironic because the racist prosecution, and non-prosecution, of famous persons based upon their race and politics is far worse, far more dangerous, and a far more relevant topic for any genuinely legitimate journalist to cover. Take Eliot Spitzer, a lily white male, who did business with organized crime as he slept with thousand dollar hookers for at least the last 10 years. Spitzer has not been charged with any crime. Then look at Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, charged with a crime for sleeping with another woman who was not a prostitute. Spitzer clearly violated the Mann Act - but there is no prosecution as the white media spins that the law is "too vague". Yet the very same Mann Act was good enough to incarcerate successful black men Chuck Berry and Jack Johnson. Spitzer was so caught, yet his only punishment is his voluntary resignation and his family and the public learning the tip of the iceberg's crimes. We need a Special Prosecutor to examine Spitzer's decisions as a Federal and State prosecutor who clearly protected the organized crime family with which he admits being associated, ignored crimes such as death threats against corporate fraud whistle-blowers, and targeted the insane 15 year mandatory sentence for one ounce possession Rockefeller marijuana laws against blacks and minorities. Rev Wright is not the story, but his message of continuing racism is as clear as black and white. The media refuses to report the protectionism of white male officials and lawyers who employ perjury, fraud, and organized crime on a daily basis. The failings of Baseball stars, movie stars, rock stars, blacks, women, now that is news. Are "professional" journalists getting paid by white supremacists? Or does it just look that way?

Then I had this next post over on the Truth, Justice & Peace form. The point is that the mainstream media is all too expert at playing gotcha with soundbites, and spinning them over and over so the public thinks that is the only only issue. They are beating up Barack Obama over his acknowledging that some of what Rev. Wright has said is wrong. There is no way you can talk about race without subjecting yourself to some form of attack if the media decides that they won't hold back. But why is the media holding back on the obvious? Why is the media allowing outrageous double standards in criminal prosecutions and investigations based upon whether the criminal is a white male?
Without question, Barack Obama spewed out quite a few sound bites that fail the "rules of political discourse" as enforced by the media against white politicians who dare to talk about race. So kudos to your blog for pointing that out. However, at the same time there continues to be an even worse double standard than that of public discourse. The far worse double standard is in prosecutions. Why is it that famous successful black people get jailed with Mann Act violations but white Eliot Spitzer does not get charged with any crime? Why is it that a black Mayor gets indicted for telling a lie about his marital infidelity but white Bill Clinton does not? Only after a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate the long history of organized crime dealing and protection by Eliot Spitzer, for starters, will you and all the other pundits be able to start saying anything about racism, and your inherent assumptions that racism is not the most fundamental determinant of law enforcement discretion, abuse, and corruption.

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Racism U.S.A. - Double Standards for Perjury

Perjury is never a White Male Crime.

Black Men, Black Women, minorities, even all women are victimized in the U.S.A. for daring to take a share of wealth and power away from white supremacists who control Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, the DOJ, and your State Attorney General.