Monday, April 28, 2008

Racism which protects Eliot Spitzer is Long Entrenched

We know without a doubt that clear evidence prooves Eliot Spitzer violated the Mann Act. This same law has placed more than a few black men in jail. Our pretend journalism media and corrupt officials are protecting Spitzer.

The Spitzer loving (now protecting) media are purposely downplaying the role of Racism in building the Spitzer $500 Million dollar empire.

Eliot Spitzer's father Bernard Spitzer was a member of an exclusive whites only club in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, having the highest concentration of multi-millionaires in the country. Check out these interesting quotes from The New York Sun:

  1. "In August, Senator Obama, an African-American Democratic candidate for president, cancelled a fund-raiser at Harmonie out of concern that the club lacked minority members."

  2. "The club's racial makeup attracted attention in 2001 when Mayor Bloomberg, two months before announcing his run for mayor, resigned from Harmonie"

  3. "Harmonie Gesellschaft, the Harmonie Club was founded in 1852 by affluent German Jewish immigrants" ... "Harmonie has its cliquish tendencies; for its first 40 years, German was its official language, a barrier for membership for many of the city's downtown Jews."

Well, rich people like to hang with each other. Just like criminals. Oh, some rich people are just criminals who never get caught. Like if you ran a Prostiution Ring and Eliot Spitzer was one of your clients, you would never get caught.

Barack Obama was right to avoid going to the racist club of the Spitzer family, even if they were going to attempt to buy Barack with lots of dirty money.

Who can be surprised that schemers at the whites only club could do whatever it takes to get one of their own installed as NY State Attorney General, and then as Governor of New York? How many of the organized crime families which Spitzer protected while Attorney General have members in Harmonie? We already know about the prostitution rings, but what other businesses did these organized crime families infiltrate.

Is there ever going to be a Federal prosecutor appointed to examine the huge issues which can't be denied, dealing with a prostitution ring (by definition organized crime) by making wire transfers to shell companies (money laundering etc. is organized crime) Eliot Spitzer was doing business with organized crime! Sure, he stepped down as Governor, but this should only be the tip of the ice berg.

We must realize how many thousands of Black and Latino young men were incarcerated by Eliot Spitzer under the Rockefeller drug laws which then provide d huge income streams to the people who make money from "JAIL, Inc."

Eliot Spitzer should be jailed under the Mann Act, just like Chuck Berry was. Eliot Spitzer should do the full time for his crimes, just like he made thousands upon thousands of black and latino boys. Spitzer corrupt reign as prosecutor needs to be investigated now. The Harmonie Club and like minded organizations holding media control are doing their powerful best to protect the rich white boy Spitzer. Black men get shot 50 times by cops for doing nothing wrong. White boys like Spitzer get caught red handed and suffer no consequences because the prosecutors are bought off.

It's not just corruption. It is race based corruption.

People, get mad and speak up. Or take it and enoy it.

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Racism U.S.A. - Double Standards for Perjury

Perjury is never a White Male Crime.

Black Men, Black Women, minorities, even all women are victimized in the U.S.A. for daring to take a share of wealth and power away from white supremacists who control Law Enforcement, the Judiciary, the DOJ, and your State Attorney General.